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Practical tips in difficult times

Thöne, D., Rijpma, S., Nanninga-Verholt, J., De Vuijst, J. & De Haan, E.
Appeltaart voor managers, 2020

Why did we write this booklet?

Difficult times demand a lot from us as individuals, and especially now as healthcare professionals.

To help us care for ourselves as professionals in the care sector, it is important that we have clear, practical tips on how to deal with some of the difficult things that confront us during these exceptional times.

This means ensuring that you, as professionals, can deal with the physical, emotional and psychological challenges that await you every day. That’s why we wrote this booklet.

The booklet contains tips and advice for professionals who are having to work under great pressure. If from all this advice there is one tip that helps you, then we are happy. If you have additional tips, please let us know. If this booklet is not helpful to you at the moment, keep it nearby in case you need to refer to it later.
This booklet reflects many years of experience in coaching, training, guidance and education with healthcare professionals. It is written as a practical, short manual. For legibility, scientific substantiation and references from literature have been omitted.

Also published in Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, Kazach, Russian & Turkish.

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