Leaders in crisis: attending to the shadow side


Erik de Haan & Anthony Kasozi
Chapter 8 of Coaching leaders through crises (Ed.: L. Hall). London: Kogan Page. , 2015

In this chapter, we explore how we as coaches can help leaders become more aware of and address their shadow sides, which can manifest more strongly during times of crisis and transition, with potential high costs for individuals and those around them.

The chapter is part of the book “Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation” which takes an in-depth look at crisis and change in the world we live in today and discusses its impact on both individuals and organizations. The wider book covers definitions of crisis from both the individual and organizational perspective, including insights on: adapting to change and finding opportunities in crisis, what neuroscience tells us about our reactions to change, transformative coaching, change models, supporting organizations in crisis and how coaching and mentoring can act as preventative measures against crises.

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