Coaching on the couch
Erik de Haan
TJ Training Journal , January - December 2006

In this column which will run for the whole year 2006, Erik de Haan introduces TJ readers to books that have inspired him as an executive coach and supervisor of other coaches. This month he introduces himself and his book Coaching with colleagues (2005). From February 2006 he will introduce one literary inspiration for coaches per month.


1 Reading and coaching without memory and desire

2 Triumph of the mentor-coach Athena
about Homer’s Odyssey

3 Specific interventions that help
about Heron’s Helping the Client

4 Systematic inspiration
about Peltier’s The Psychology of Executive Coaching

5 The mid-life crisis
about Yalom’s When Nietzsche wept

6 The science of coaching
about Malan’s Individual Psychotherapy

7 The coach as a partner
about O’Neill’s Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart

8 Meeting the numbfish
about Plato’s Meno

9 To share something of me
about Rogers’ On becoming a person

10 The care of the self
about Foucault’s Fearless Speech

11 And who takes care of the coach?
about Hawkins & Shohet’s Supervision in the helping professions

12 On how we became coaches
about Miller’s The drama of being a child

The columns above are available in PDF-format (or download all as .zip )