Perspective: is this your best?


E. de Haan
Coaching @ Work, 12.6, 10-13, November 2017,

At Ashridge we have recently studied coaching behaviours both as reported by executive coaches, consultants and managers, and by these coaches’ clients. The latest version of its our Coaching Behaviours Questionnaire (CBQ) was used in a large-scale study of coaching behaviours, amongst 537 coaches, 196 consultants and 559 manager-coaches from a total of 54 countries, and also 221 clients of coaching. The study demonstrated significant differences in perceived behaviour by subjects who differ in age, gender, and nationality. Significant differences are also found for those that identify themselves as “managers,” versus “consultants or” versus “coaches”, and for those looking at the behaviours from the other side of the relationship, the “clients” of coaching. Some of the differences can be attributed to the fact that more experienced coaches will perceivinge themselves toas developing different coaching behaviours.

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