Prologue: on inquiry the groundwork of coaching

Prologue - on inquiry the groundwork of coaching

+ epilogue: developing our capacity to be affected in relationship

E. de Haan, A. Baldwin, N. Carew, S. Conway, J. Elliman, J. Hazell, A. Martin, S. Mureau, P. O'Connell, N. Pounder, P. Rutherford & C. Wanke (Eds.)
Behind closed doors: stories from the coaching room. Faringdon: Libri., 2013

Of none of our future statements do we positively affirm that the fact is exactly as we state it, but we simply record each fact, like a chronicler, as it appears to us at the moment. (S.E. I.4)

This book is homage to the simple practice of ‘just’ sitting at the feet of your own experience. The eleven authors of this book have done nothing more, and nothing less, than staying attentively with their practice as it unfolds, staying in touch with their experiences as they are. They have experienced how easy it is to rush in and label, categorise or judge, how tempting to prejudge or evaluate these experiences, even to act on them in a variety of ways. They have experienced how easy it is to get carried away by experience, rather than taking the time to just observe and be present, or in other words, without taking the time ‘to just experience’. In short they have set themselves a challenging task, namely to ‘just’ experience their experiences.

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