Action Station

2007_CAW_Action station
Perry, W., de Haan, E., & King, K.
Coaching @ Work, November, 44-47, 2007

The BBC has put its weight behind action learning, an initiative that is helping it to instil a coaching culture – and (Read more…)

Action learning in practice

2006_Action learning in practice-how do participants learn?
De Haan, E., & De Ridder, I.
Consulting Psychology Journal, 58, 4, 216-231, 2006

Action learning and peer consultation are ways of learning with fellow professionals that are gaining in popularity. In small groups the professionals (Read more…)

Virtual peer consultation

2006_O&P_Virtual peer consultation-how do virtual leaders learn
Caulat, G., & De Haan, E.
Organisations & People, 13, 4, 24-32, 2006

Virtual Peer Consultation is an exciting and growing field that offers a truly innovative way of learning, leading to different learning experiences (Read more…)