Relational Team Coaching

Erik de Haan & Dorothee Stoffels (editors)
Routledge, 2023
ISBN 1032351969

Relational Team Coaching is a state-of-the-art reference book detailing what makes team coaching effective, with a focus on being able to work (Read more…)

The Gift of Coaching

Erik de Haan
OUP / McGraw-Hill, 2022
ISBN 0335251986

In this book Erik de Haan encourages coaches to reflect on their coaching practices and reassess the tensions within the coaching relationship. (Read more…)

Caring for Professionals

CfP pic
Thöne, D., Rijpma, S., Nanninga-Verholt, J., De Vuijst, J. & De Haan, E.
Appeltaart voor managers, 2020

Why did we write this booklet? Difficult times demand a lot from us as individuals, and especially now as healthcare professionals. To (Read more…)

Being Supervised

being supervised
E. de Haan & W. Regouin
Karnac Books, 2016 (2nd revised and updated edition: Routledge, 2022)

We know from experience and research that supervisory relationships can be immensely rewarding and developmental. Yet the same relationships can also be, (Read more…)

The leadership shadow

cover picture leadership shadow
De Haan, E. & Kasozi, A.
London: Kogan Page, 2014

  In today’s fast paced, interconnected, and mercilessly competitive business world, senior executives have to push themselves and others hard. Paradoxically, to (Read more…)

Behind closed doors

2013_behind closed doors cover
De Haan, E., Baldwin, A., Carew, N., Conway, S., Elliman, J., Hazell, J., Martin, A., Mureau, S., O'Connell, P., Pounder, N., Rutherford, P. & Wanke, C. (Eds.)
Faringdon: Libri, 2013 (2nd revised and updated edition: 2016)

Behind Closed Doors is a ground-breaking exploration of executive coaching, based on a wide range of real-life case studies of coaching in (Read more…)

Relational coaching

Erik de Haan
John Wiley & Sons, 2008
ISBN-10: 0470724285
ISBN-13: 978-0470724286

Relational Coaching is a radically different way of looking at coaching that puts the relationship, from the perspective of the coachee, at (Read more…)

Coaching with colleagues

Erik de Haan & Yvonne Burger
Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2004; second revised edition: 2013

Coaching with Colleagues has been written as a contribution to the workplace where there is a growing demand for ‘permanent learning and ‘personal development’. Coaching is now (Read more…)

Supervision in action

2012_Supervision in action cover
De Haan, E.
Columbus: McGraw-Hill / Open University Press, 2012

“Galileo once said, ‘You cannot teach people anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves.’ Erik de Haan is unparalleled (Read more…)

Coaching relationships

De Haan, E., & Sills C. (Eds., 2012)
Faringdon: Libri, 2012
ISBN10: 1907471286
ISBN13: 9781907471285

Rather than focus on the actions of the coach, this handbook places relationships–to one’s self and to others–at the heart of the (Read more…)