Supervision in action

2012_Supervision in action cover

A relational approach to coaching and organisation supervision

De Haan, E.
Columbus: McGraw-Hill / Open University Press, 2012

“Galileo once said, ‘You cannot teach people anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves.’ Erik de Haan is unparalleled in helping coaches to become more effective in this discovery process – in using themselves as an instrument. This book is invaluable for consultants and coaches who want to learn more from experience.”
Manfred Kets de Vries, Professor of Leadership Development, INSEAD, France

Supervision assures the quality of professional practice through careful monitoring; it heals wounds through wholesome listening and support and offers a unique and free space to develop that which we all want to progress: our personal relationships.

This book will help professional supervisors, consultants and coaches with the ‘care for the self’ aspect of their role – the art of enhancing one’s own performance with the help of experience in practice. The book features:

  • A compact overview of the whole profession of coaching and consulting supervision
  • An integrated approach for coaches and consultants, highlighting differences
  • More than 40 real-life case vignettes
  • Short summaries after each chapter
  • A full overview of types of contract and methodology, with specific flowcharts
  • A detailed introduction to the ethics of supervision.

Supervision in Action is a book for all professional consultants who want to take good care of themselves and who want to help other consultants and coaches with the care for the self.

This book has also been published in Dutch

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